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Tea Making Tips from 1941

Bliss DakeFebruary 4th, 2010 by Bliss Dake

“Tea Making Tips” is a short film released in 1941 and sponsored by the Empire Tea Bureau of England. A classic video that demonstrates in detail methods of storing and preparing tea, it imparts that one should not waste a drop of tea because of carelessness. Watch and get your fill of crisp white tea cups, tea pots, classic tea chests and more. The Empire Tea Bureau also published a booklet during the war titled “Tea Will Help”The Montreal Gazette said that it’s aim was to “be of practical assistance to any groups or individuals engaged in voluntary war work.”  I also enjoyed the headline from the newspaper which included that “Tea in Wartime Held More Useful Institution Than in Peacetime”. Cozy up with your favorite cuppa and enjoy this oldie, but goodie.

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