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The Great Tea Giveaway

April 26th, 2013 by admin
Great Tea Giveaway

Spring is the time for new growth, opportunities and experiences. We here at Mighty Leaf are excited to embrace the season by unveiling something unique and exciting. To show our appreciation to our entire tea drinking community, we’re introducing a treat that all our fans will love: The Great Tea Giveaway of 2013!

Starting this month and running through the end of the year, Mighty Leaf fans who live in the US will have the opportunity to enter one or more of our weekly giveaways. Each Monday until December 23rd, a new contest page will be available through the “Great Tea Giveaway” tab on our Facebook page. On that page, an entrant will be asked to submit an answer to a fun question along with his or her email address.

The following week, we’ll conduct a random drawing to determine the winner. The prize will be a collection of teas as spelled out on that week’s entry page. And since there’s a new contest every week, that means there’s dozens of chances for Mighty Leaf fans to win!

Great tea is best enjoyed with friends. Although we can’t personally spend time over a fresh pot with all Mighty Leaf drinkers, we hope this giveaway brings that spirit of generosity to our virtual presence on Facebook. And that should be a welcome new experience for all of us!