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Create a Tea Experience that Dazzles

November 8th, 2010 by admin

We are excited to launch our new “Create the Tea Experience” tea set collections. From wonderfully full and nuanced flavors, to intoxicating aromas, to spirited yet serene style, to the visuals of vibrant leaves and blossoms unfurling, our goal is to deliver the Mighty Leaf signature “sensory melange” tea experience. You can now shop our site and create a complete tea experience by pairing unique teaware and artisan crafted teas all on one page.

We have specially chosen and organized collections into different themes with corresponding types of teaware and tea to show you how they fit together – the end result is what we like to call the Magic of Mighty Leaf.  As you browse the site and find a collection that you like, you can add all or any of the items displaying to your cart by selecting the quantity desired and clicking on the “add selected items to bag” button.

Below is an overview of our available tea collections sets. You can can also shop the collection now.

Below is an overview of our available tea collections sets. You can can also shop the collection now.

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Hope you enjoy the new collections!

Shop the collection now.

Savor Some Shiny, New Tea Pouch Video

Mighty LeafOctober 14th, 2010 by Mighty Leaf

How do you describe how a tea pouch differs from a tea bag? Well, we’ve shot 20 videos of our signature tea pouches and posted on our website’s product pages. Learning to control the speed of water as it poured from the tea kettle into the glass tea cup for purposes of shooting the video was quite the experience. Enjoy this sample of a customer favorite, Green Tea Tropical.

A Feel Good Bank Ad with Mighty Leaf

Mighty LeafOctober 1st, 2010 by Mighty Leaf

Nothing like a feel good banking ad to make you aspire to be more. We thought you might enjoy seeing a local ad that was produced by the Bank of Marin, our local bank, highlighting their relationship with our company. It provides a quick peek into Mighty Leaf and introduces you to our CEO, Gary Shinner. The Mighty Leaf footage was shot at our headquarters in San Rafael, California (about 20 minutes north of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge).

Win a Mighty Leaf Tea Tasting & Luxury Spa Weekend

Bliss DakeSeptember 21st, 2010 by Bliss Dake

We are excited to announce a Mighty Leaf Tea Tasting & Luxury Spa Weekend Sweepstakes at the Hotel Monaco in San Francisco. A little bit of tea, some downtime in a spa, gourmet eats and perhaps hiking up the city’s hills all combine for a nice weekend escape. The weekend includes a private tea tasting with Gary Shinner and Jill Portman (Mighty Leaf founders), 2 in-room spa treatments & 2 night stay at the Hotel Monaco, a $150 gift certificate for a gourmet dinner at the Grand Café and roundtrip Read More…

Green Tea Ice Cream Sound Good?

Bliss DakeAugust 3rd, 2010 by Bliss Dake

Green tea ice cream is one of my favorites. Before I worked for Mighty Leaf, I always wondered how they made it so green and tasty. Matcha, a green tea powder made from ground Japanese premium green tea leaves, is the wonder ingredient. Rich in taste and flavor, Matcha is a versatile ingredient that can be used to make beverages like lattes, frappes and ice cream.  Some chefs  Read More…

Rooibos Renewal in South Africa

Bliss DakeJune 29th, 2010 by Bliss Dake

Soccer fans attending the World Cup 2010 in South African may be introduced for the first time to a comforting cup of Rooibos tea (pronounced ‘roy-bos’ – Afrikans for red bush). Grown only in the Cederberg mountains of South Africa’s Western Cape, a semi-desert like geography, Rooibos is a wild shrub or herb that is naturally green. But after a fermentation process involving oxidation similar to that of black tea, it develops a red color and rich flavor.  Read More…

Three Ways to Brew Iced Tea

Bliss DakeJune 16th, 2010 by Bliss Dake

Iced tea is a classic summer-time ritual and distinctive American beverage. Legend has it that Richard Blechynden, an English entrepreneur and merchant, started serving iced tea on a hot day at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. Although many quality ready-to-drink iced teas are commercially available today, brewing iced tea at home is an easy and convenient way to enjoy the fresh and pure goodness of whole leaf tea. Read More…

Tea is Culinary: James Beard House, May 2010

Mighty LeafMay 20th, 2010 by Mighty Leaf

Chef Joseph Humphrey of Michelin-starred Murray Circle at Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, CA was the honorary chef at the James Beard House in New York City on May 15th, 2010. Mighty Leaf Tea specifically had a “Joe’s” Iced tea commission for him. It was a  2nd Flush Darjeeling picked and processed recently from the OKAYTI Estates in Darjeeling India. Manufactured for the purpose of iced tea for Chef Joseph Humphrey, this tea yields a darker more muscatel finish with floral and fruity notes. Read More…

Episode #1: Where in the World is Your Mighty Leaf?

Bliss DakeMay 17th, 2010 by Bliss Dake

You just never know where in the world Mighty Leaf Tea can turn up? It’s certainly fun to drink, but the tea pouch is no ordinary tea bag. We invite you to check out our new web video series “Where in the World is Your Mighty Leaf” to discover how “mighty” versatile this little tea pouch can be. And of course, we want to hear about where and how you enjoy your Mighty Leaf, too. Submit your photos on our blog or Facebook Fan page to share the love.

Breakfast Tea: Jump Start Your Day

Bliss DakeMay 3rd, 2010 by Bliss Dake

Mornings are slow for me. Having two kids with a third on the way will do that to you. So I jump from bed to the kitchen, and fire up a cup of something black – a strong breakfast tea, perhaps a spicy chai or I will admit sometimes even coffee. You know the drill, I am not alone. Every day tea fans around the world tame their mornings and energize with tea rituals ranging from tea cups of English Breakfast with a spot of milk to mugs of earthy Rooibos. The question arises then as to what exactly constitutes a breakfast tea? Read More…