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Meeting Over Tea Online

Annelies ZijderveldAugust 18th, 2009 by Annelies Zijderveld

The internet has changed our world in such profound ways that we can’t remember or envision a world without it. Through the outgrowth of peoples’ desires to connect and build community, we have whittled down this globe of ours into microcosms of interest. As a professed foodie, the opportunities to connect are endless.

On Chowhound or other foodie-related websites like Tasty Kitchen, I learn about new recipe combinations, restaurants and menu items in my area that otherwise might escape my notice.

The tea-lover in me is drawn to participating in the conversation of who is drinking what and how they perceive a “good tea” that they might recommend from one that is not overtly enjoyed by their palate.

During my days of college journalism, we were taught the power of the voice to tell a story and nowhere is this more seen than on the internet. Blogs and websites dedicated to tea are the citizen journalism of this era and with that comes both responsibility and opportunity to spread the message beyond the confines of the traditional media.  Alltop Tea News is a great place to start if you are looking for new tea blogs. I really appreciate the time and care taken not only to tell the flavor story, but also the original photography that often accompanies the reviews or write-ups.

New social media platforms like Twitter allow you to follow tea companies, tea fans, your favorite bloggers and more.  More recently a tea specific site called Steepster launched that provides you with the ability to keep track of what teas you are drinking and what other tea lovers recommend as well.  steepster-21It’s an interesting twist on the Twitter model.  The site connects you with feelow tea fans and nurtures an online community relevant to your particular tea interests.  You can also browse teas by company, tea type or flavor and then read what other Steepster members have to say.

Our world is big, but not so big we can’t meet up. This is most evident in the global gift that is a cup of tea. So what’s in your cup today?

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