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Fun, Kitschy Japanese Tea Commercials

Bliss DakeJuly 21st, 2009 by Bliss Dake
Japanese Green Tea Fields

While living in Japan in the nineties I developed my first appreciation for Japanese green teas. To further my understanding of the culture and while trying to improve my Japanese language skills, I ended up watching lots of television. The result: An appreciation and fondness for kitschy Japanese tea commercials!

The variety of tea types available in stores, vending machines and in restaurants is mind-boggling. The abundant tea choices are perfect for showcasing in television ads. Whether cold or hot, oolong or green, tea fans can take their pick. One of my favorites was the can of tea that I often purchased on the subway platform that would instantly heat up in my hand when opened. Below, I’ve picked a couple of Japanese tea commercials that I thought you might enjoy. The first one is actually a Japanese/Thai tea ad.

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