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Kathmandu in Your Cup

March 22nd, 2013 by admin

There are as many ways to enjoy tea as there are tea lovers. Some prefer classics such as chamomile and a bit of honey. Others crave tea lattes with ingredients like steamed almond milk and agave nectar. But what about black tea mixed with liberal amounts of butter and salt? Marketing Intern Cole Margen explains the surprising allure of Tibetan Butter Tea.
–Editor’s Note

Greetings fellow tea drinkers. My name is Cole, and I’m the Marketing Intern here over at Mighty Leaf. I’d like to tell you all about something incredibly delicious that you can do with our traditional black teas. And it’s ideal if you’re feeling under the weather, or need a quick energy boost to pick you up. What is this elixir I speak of? Tibetan butter tea of course.

Butter tea, or Po Cha, is a drink originating in the dry, mountainous climate of the Tibetan plateau. It’s made of butter, black tea, and salt, and tastes like a light, creamy broth. I first tried butter tea during my long hours editing video when I was studying journalism in college. A Bhutanese friend of mine would occasionally bring in a thermos full of it, and when he let me try it I was hooked. The experience of drinking it is definitely an acquired taste, as the saltiness can throw off some first time drinkers. However, if you have an adventurous palate, then I think you will enjoy the experience just as much as I have.

Interning at a tea company whet my appetite for it once more, and I make it on my own now. Traditionally it’s made with yak butter, but since there is an obvious shortage of yaks in the US go ahead and use cow butter instead. Here’s a link to the recipe that I like to use. Once the tea’s done, I recommend sipping it from a mason jar while enjoying your morning paper. As an added bonus, a steaming mug of Po Cha works wonders for chapped lips.

Until next time, be well and drink more tea!

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