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Hi-Tech Teapot Delivers Wow Factor

Bliss DakeSeptember 15th, 2009 by Bliss Dake
One Tea Kettle from Vessel Ideation

I’m always keeping my eye open for cool and unique teapot designs that take the art of brewing tea to another level. The elegance of the tea brewing process lends itself to new creative designs providing fertile ground for the intersection of design, art, culture and technology. One favorite design that I recently stumbled upon comes from Chicago-based design team Vessel Ideation.  They were among the winners chosen for this teapot and kettle combo called One in this year’s World Kitchen Tea-Off Competition.  World Kitchen chose 3 winners out of 237 entries and 25 honorees.

The One teapot can both boil water and serve as a a tabletop teapot.   After filling with water you place the teapot directly on the stove, and the devices thermochromic ink (a space invader, flower and other patterns exist) appears when the water begins to boil. 

How the One Works












I love the fact that blue flowers or space invaders can let you know when its ready to serve.  The teapot then attaches to a magnetic trivet so you can use tabletop.  You can see a video of how it works online.

The One on a table top












Here is an interesting diagram of the insides of the One for all the techies out there.  What is the most unique teapot or tea kettle you have seen recently?

Inside the One Tea Kettle

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2 Responses to “Hi-Tech Teapot Delivers Wow Factor”

  1. Jason Witt says:

    Yes, this is really cool. Not only does it do everything (being both pot and kettle) for the tea but it changes color to appeal to the eye. My only question is how does the tea taste when steeped in this? –Teaternity

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