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Flowering Tea: A Valentine’s Day Twist

Bliss DakeJanuary 19th, 2010 by Bliss Dake

Flowering tea, also commonly known as display tea, exhibits some of the best artisanship that China has to offer with hand-crafted tea leaves that unfurl and blossom into unique flower shapes. When steeped in a glass teapot, flowering teas look like something you would see in the movie Avatar on the planet of Pandora.

Whether your loved one enjoyed Avatar or not, with Valentine’s Day approaching it might be time to give a new gift with a twist.  Of course, flowers always work nicely, but you can also impress with a simple tea gift that speaks to exotic luxury  and tantalizes the senses.   

Flowering teas come in a variety of shapes, sizes, tea types and levels of quality. Chinese artisans have been creating display teas for a long time, although it’s more recently have they been made for drinking.  Hand-crafted with select flowers and tea leaves, the artisans produce beautiful teas perfect for admiring and sipping as well. 

Often tea varietals are used that will not become bitter after long steeping times since they remain in the glass while your drink the tea.  When sourcing make sure that high quality leaves are used and that the leaves are tied tightly to preserve the flower’s shape. 

We like to steep our flowering teas in glass teapots or large wine glasses so that you can enjoy the concentrated aromas and the visual presentation.  Below is selection of flowering teas that you can find on our website

Thousand Days Red Jasmine:  Sourced from Fujian province in China, enjoy the combination of white tea leaves, jasmine petal and a red blossom.  Yields a cup with delicate jasmine notes and soft white tea. 



Jade Pagoda: A flowering tea made from chinese green tea, Jade Pagoda comes from the Hunan province in China.   Yields a smooth and rich flavor. 



Hai Bei Tu Zhu: A top rated flowering tea, Hai Bei Tu Zhu combines green tea and chrysanthemum flowers together to create a light, savory liquor.  



 Ebony: Made from black tea, our Ebony flowering tea comes from the Assam region of India.  With a malty and rich flavor, this flower can be infused multiple times.

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