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Detox this Tax Season

Annelies ZijderveldApril 8th, 2009 by Annelies Zijderveld

It’s that time of year where Uncle Sam is patiently waiting for the tax forms to roll in. I just mailed mine in last week, and am kind of late on the ball. Let’s hope where you sit, tax season is now a thing of the past. I have been contemplating the economic climate of the moment, of the last few months and know it’s been challenging for some of the people in my life. As tax season sweeps to a close, I want to propose this is a good time to detax with some detox.

Occasional detoxes don’t necessarily involve a dietary change, but can consist of changing patterns. Perhaps if you like watching television, try planning a weekly game night or picking up a book for a season to quiet the space around you and give your brain a change of pace. I am considering a detox from processed sugar for several weeks in April. As one who lives in San Francisco, an amazing city with extraordinary sweet finds from places like Citizen Cake, Bi-Rite Creamery, Tartine and Bittersweet, it’s easy to get your fix sated. As one who loves to cook, bake and come up with concoctions from whatever is on the pantry shelf and seems like it will pair well, sugar is a necessary ingredient. Or is it?


This is where tea particularly saves the day. Flavored teas give a healthy choice to the problem of the sweet tooth. There is comfort and respite in a cup with an aroma that intoxicates and invites the drinker to lift the cup and sip slowly. Teas, and for that matter, the sweet tooth seem most awake in the evenings. This is the perfect time to reach for a caffeine free herbal infusion, available in such variations from herbaceous to fruity to decadently chocolate.   A cup of tea invites contemplation and this is a great season to kick-start good routines in place of ones that may not promote the best. To live a life of sipping slowly, enjoying the moment, chewing- this is an ultimate luxury and one within reach.

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