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Dr. Oz Relaxes with TeaTop Brew Mug

May 25th, 2012 by admin
Dr. Oz Praises TeaTop Brew Mug

The popular Dr. Oz Show recently featured a segment called “Dr.Oz’s Best Advice Ever – Over 50 All-Time Greatest Tips!” To destress instantly Dr. Oz encouraged his audience members on the episode to “sip away” their worries with green tea from Mighty Leaf and the remarkable Tea Top Brew Mug. You can watch the actual segment on Dr. Oz’s website.

The TeaTop Brew Mug is an insulated traveling teapot specially designed for Mighty Leaf’s signature tea pouches. Once the tea pouch is finished steeping in the mug, you simply pull up to rest the pouch in a domed area. It provides an easy way to avoid over-steeping.

Old-World Teas and Modern Cocktail Mixology

Shawn RefouaMay 20th, 2009 by Shawn Refoua

As mixologists, we are continually experimenting with new flavors and sensations to create simple cocktails with complex flavor profiles to share with the world. Trends play an important part in the creativity and development of new drinks. Today, we see a major movement toward healthier living and longer life. Products that focus on low-cholesterol and a healthy heart have long been prevalent on our supermarket shelves. (more…)