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Innovative New Tea Flavors Launching in Pyramid Whole Leaf Tea Pouches

August 13th, 2016 by Eliot Jordan

Eliot Jordan tea-team


This summer, we are excited to introduce three new teas in our pyramid whole leaf tea pouches: Organic Emerald Matcha, Organic Almond Spice, and Organic Coconut Assam. They will soon be available on amazon.com and in grocery stores. When we first started talking about adding teas to our current mix, we began by looking to develop teas that would be unlike anything we currently offered. My goal for any tea we put into a pouch is to always try and think: what’s going to be the next classic tea? I’m not interested in launching a tea that’s going to compete with our top-selling tea. Nor am I interested in chasing trends to introduce a tea that will be interesting for six months until the next big thing comes along. I want whatever teas we carry to be cornerstones going forward.

new pyramid whole leaf tea pouches from Mighty Leaf Tea

Organic Emphasis and Fair Trade Focus

Collectively, we decided that all new teas will be organic and we will continue to grow our tea line to be majority organic. I’ve visited organic tea farms and the best way we can support organic farmers is to buy their stuff. So, wherever possible, we’re going to make our new products organic and that includes our three newest flavors launching in our pyramid whole leaf tea pouches.

Two of our new teas are also Fair Trade certified. While we feel we pay fair prices for all our teas, we decided to use Fair Trade certified teas in our Organic Almond Spice and Organic Coconut Assam. We strongly believe in the goal of helping in the development of those who grow our teas and know our customers do, too.


Allergen Disclaimer

Two of our new teas include allergen ingredients, Organic Almond Spice (tree nuts- almonds) and Organic Coconut Assam (tree nuts- coconut). We did it because they taste so good with authentic ingredients, but we made sure to include the allergens in the tea names so it’s clear to people who need to avoid them. We’re very careful to pack Organic Almond Spice and Organic Coconut Assam in a segregated area in production with heavy duty cleaning. Organic Coconut Assam and Organic Almond Spice are run on a different tea pouch machine, dedicated for these two teas in their own room. There’s an extensive cleaning process that takes about 11 hours in between running these two flavors.

Organic Coconut Assam Tea

Organic Coconut Assam Black Tea 

I love Assam black teas. On their own, they’re known for being strong, dark colored, malty, sweet, pungent, and they take milk really well. A big part of the flavor of a tea blend is the black tea selected. We’ve called out the type of black tea in this selection because it lets the tea drinker know what to expect.

Our Organic Coconut Assam Black Tea blend is unique. It includes pieces of dried coconut and offers a rich, creamy taste. The particle size of the coconut is pretty small and substantial in the blend to impart just the right amount of coconut flavor. Because of this, you’ll find the tea leaf size is small to match the coconut so the blend stays well mixed. The Assam black tea stands up well to the coconut and cinnamon, delivering a full thicker-bodied cup of tea taste.

What I like about this tea, and I think you will too, is the mouth feel and straight ahead simplicity of its character. Because we use a hefty amount of real coconut pieces, boiling water will bring out the natural oils of the coconut. If you see a bit of oil slick on the surface of this tea, don’t worry—this is totally natural. It has an authentic coconut flavor but is still at its heart a black tea. I think of this tea like Organic Earl Grey—you could start your morning with it or it would be good as an afternoon tea. It’s rich, satisfying, and good with milk, which boosts the coconut. If you love coconut, you’re going to love this exciting new flavor.

Organic Almond Spice Tea

Organic Almond Spice Green Tea

In the Kashmir region of India, there’s a tradition of drinking Kashmiri-style chai. This chai (which means “tea” in hindi) is not served with milk and is a green tea brewed with spices and almonds. Traditional Kashmiri-style chai has cinnamon, cardamom, and almond, and sometimes it includes other spices too.

One of our Indian tea suppliers introduced this regional chai to me 20 years ago and I instantly fell in love with it. I only waited for the right time to introduce it to our line-up, and this is the perfect time: we’re proud to announce that this tea is one of the first fair trade teas we’re offering.

Organic Almond Spice is our take on this North Indian-style recipe. When you say the word, “spicy,” I tend to think of it two ways: hot spicy and fragrant spicy. Our Masala Chai and Bombay Chai both have black pepper and ginger—these two teas definitely fall into the hot spicy category. Organic Almond Spice falls into the fragrant spicy category with cardamom, cinnamon making it sweetly spiced. This tea is a flavor adventure—it offers a full, round, nutty flavor. It’s the tea I would pick if I wanted to drink something spicy, interesting, and fun.

This is a good tea to drink during hot weather and the flavor works well when sweetened, which is how it’s typically enjoyed in Kashmir. This golden hued tea pairs well with dessert.

 Organic Emerald Matcha Tea

Organic Emerald Matcha Green Tea

Matcha has finally come into its own outside of the tea world. It’s not a flavor-of-the-month trend, but has slowly been building for a long time. Most Americans by now have heard of, or will be hearing of Matcha. For some, when they see Matcha green tea powder, they don’t know how to brew it and so we approached putting it into a tea pouch for the flavor and convenience of brewing. Matcha is a green tea powder, however, so putting it into a tea pouch would mean it would fall out – and a big matcha mess.

Instead, we dusted Japanese Sencha green tea with Matcha to make our Organic Emerald Matcha green tea pouches. It becomes our second Japanese green tea available in our tea pouches, joining Organic Hojicha. Organic Emerald Matcha has a bit of an umami taste that also has an edge of sweetness. It’s great to drink in warm weather during the afternoon or early evening. I prefer to drink it by itself, and would definitely suggest brewing it at 170F. It’s a wonderful tea hot or iced, though traditionally this tea would be served hot.

Japanese green teas remind me of drinking a salad—I tend to feel really good after drinking them. There’s a fresh, cleansing, healthy vibe to drinking this tea. I tend to think I just did something really good for my body. I hope you’ll feel the same way after your first cup of Organic Emerald Matcha.

Introducing the Pyramid Whole Leaf Tea Pouch

June 23rd, 2016 by Mighty Leaf Team

Mighty Leaf Pyramid Whole Leaf Tea Pouches exclusively sold in grocery stores

Mighty Leaf was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing tea lovers with the finest artisan teas available. We have some exciting news to share as we celebrate our 20th anniversary.

In the coming weeks, new Mighty Leaf packaging with pyramid whole leaf tea pouches will arrive in grocery stores. The new silken, pyramid pouches feature the same Mighty Leaf whole leaf teas, and each pouch contains the same amount of tea as our signature hand-stitched pouches.

The new pyramid whole leaf tea pouches, which will be available only in grocery stores, will sell at a new, lower price. We are able to charge less because the pyramid pouches are filled in North America at a lower cost. So you and other tea lovers can enjoy Mighty Leaf teas more often!

Our signature hand-stitched whole leaf pouch will still be offered exclusively in fine hotels, restaurants, and here at mightyleaf.com.

Mighty Leaf Pyramid Whole Leaf Tea Pouch

In July you’ll have an opportunity to try a free sample of the new pyramid whole leaf tea pouch, so stay tuned to our Facebook page for the invitation. In the meantime, if you have questions, we want to answer them. Head to our website FAQ to learn more about the pyramid whole leaf tea pouches. Or, email us at friends2 at mightyleaf dot com.

We truly appreciate your support of Mighty Leaf over the years. We couldn’t do it without you!

The Mighty Leaf Team

Mighty Leaf Tea Team

Teas The Season – New Holiday Arrivals

November 21st, 2013 by admin
Holiday Tea Chest Collection

Teas the season for sharing the ritual and warmth of drinking tea. We’re excited about the launch of new signature Mighty Leaf products for the holiday. Whether you’re looking for a tea pouch, loose leaf gift or teaware, our new holiday lineup makes gifting easy. Everyone’s a fan of tea, they just might not know it yet.



Click an item to start your holiday shopping today!


Signature Selection


Loose Tea Chest

Holiday Tea Chet Collection

Holiday Tea Chest Collection


Tea Top Brew Mug


Holiday Blend

Fresh Brew Iced Tea Video – The Lure of Summer

May 1st, 2012 by admin

Summer is around the corner. Check out our new video highlighting our whole leaf iced tea pouches. You can enjoy a variety of flavors that include Sunburst Green, Organic Black, Ginger Peach and Calypso Mango. Each pouch brews up a 1/2 gallon or 64 oz. of fresh iced tea. The tea is easy and convenient to brew. Simply add the pouch to a 1/2 gallon pitcher. Pour 32 oz. of boiling water over the pouch and steep for 4-5 minutes. Finally, remove the pouch and add ice to the remainder of the pitcher. You are ready to enjoy!

Sneak Peek: New Fresh Brew Iced Tea Collection

April 26th, 2011 by admin
Iced Tea

We are excited to provide a sneak peek at our new fresh brew Iced Tea Collection launching soon in select retail stores and online. Using our original artisan designed whole leaf pouch, we’ve created four new flavors that allow you to create your own fresh brewed iced tea without wasteful bottles. Each box will contain four biodegradable whole leaf pouches that yield a 1/2 gallon brew. Here is what you can expect with regards to the new product and flavor experience:

Sunburst Green: Sweet orange and citrus notes mingle with refreshing, smooth chinese green tea leaves.

Sunburst Green Iced Tea

Organic Black: Refreshingly rich and smooth south Indian organic black tea.

Organic Black Iced Tea

Calypso Mango: Succulent mango and tropical fruits blend with premium black tea.

Calypso Mango Iced Tea

Ginger Peach: Juicy peaches and refreshing ginger drench black tea leaves.

Ginger Peach Iced Tea